Pacesetter Marketing focuses on developing a comprehensive marketing plan, budget and activation strategy that is accounted for in our critical pace process. We define the product, determine the value, establish the development’s identity and USP’s, and build promotions that result in a sold out project.

The recommended marketing and sales process (critical pace) that Pacesetter implements is based on the project’s feasibility study and development plan. The proposed Pacesetter services describe the key tactical deliverables, the reason for each tactic, the associated budget for each element, and the critical timing in the marketplace to achieve them. The primary objective is to sell out each unit at the maximum possible price the market will bear.

Marketing Strategy

Based on Pacesetter’s understanding of buyer profiles, trends and previous marketing campaigns derived from the project’s Strategic Pacebook™, our marketing team will provide a complete marketing and sales plan that will entice prospects through a variety of media channels as well as utilizing Pacesetter’s comprehensive databases.

Key Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s)

All brand, marketing and communication components highlight the development’s distinctive benefits and features, developed specifically for each project’s unique attributes.

Pacesetter Marketing Process – Critical Pace

Pacesetter’s overall plan for effectively selling and maximizing unit revenue for the project follows six key steps, essential in the creation and execution of a sound and efficient sales and marketing strategy:

1: Pre-Brand Envisioning Session (Full Team Charrette): Pacesetter’s marketing team facilitates a charrette to align all creative ideas with the outcome being a fully written brand story for the project. The story is a confluence of the developer’s vision and what the market desires. A critical outcome is that we achieve a single silent brand that all creative messaging is derived from. We craft a genuine brand and prepare a creative brief.

2: PS Creative Design takes over from here and creates the project brand identity, the design of the presentation centre, and the core project creative for all mediums.

3: Pacesetter Marketing prepares a budget and marketing plan that includes a media / digital use breakdown. The build-out of the presentation centre begins and PS Marketing launches the registration phase of its plan.

4: PS Creative Design and Marketing present all finished creative and launch the landing page website with early market collateral (brochure or mailer), print, digital, PR and social media.

5: PS Sales will overlap depending on specific market drivers, opportunities, and conditions. Pacesetter anticipates and plans for change and is nimble enough to adjust to any unforeseen conditions without losing “pace”.

6: Production of all remaining assets and marketing tools to support the launch of the presentation centre for grand opening and all related sales events.

  • PS Marketing’s way of articulating a work back schedule from the first discovery session to the sale of the last unit.
  • The critical pace communicates a sense of urgency in reaching each benchmark, identified throughout the allotted time frame on a week-to-week basis.
  • Takes into account time and resources needed for strategic input through to creative and tactical output.