The Pacesetter Strategic Pacebook™ is a guide for developers and land owners that provides analysis of various factors affecting our residential development market. It details the economy on a macro scale, analyzes the local microeconomic factors and interprets the information to provide project recommendations.

Our Process

Part 1: Analytics A comprehensive statistical overview of the trade area projects, including currently selling re-sale and upcoming communities, is assembled to understand the current real estate climate within the particular market of the development site.

Part 2: Architect’s Package A site analysis conducted and amalgamated with the analytics (Part 1) to establish the best use of the subject site, whereupon housing form, product mix, unit design, interior specification & features, amenity programming and theming are determined.

Part 3: Marketing Implications This section is aimed towards determining, then targeting, the appropriate buyer/target market for the subject site. A wide array of information is analyzed and interpreted in order to determine the project’s primary and secondary buyer bases.

Part 4: Market 360 Tracks the most up-to-date housing market information periodically from currently selling and re-sale communities.