Vancouver’s leading developers have trusted Pacesetter for over 25 years. We get new construction from every angle and from every step in the process. From site analysis and advisory, to branding, marketing and out-selling the competition, Pacesetter is an industry leader with solid experience and an impeccable track record.

Why Choose Us

Your project deserves seasoned professionals. People who have seen up markets and down, who have run into challenges with approvals, timing, construction and cycles. You want these people to be the ones advising you. You want experienced collaborators problem solving ahead of you, idea generating for you and in each and every meeting with you.

At Pacesetter, this is our commitment – no newbies here, no layers to go through – just efficient, experienced, and passionate professionals at every step of the journey. We treat your project like our own, your company goals as our destination and your brand as golden.

Our Experience, Values and Commitment Propel your Projects

Our President and owner, Nick Askew, has seen this business from every side during his 30+ years in the industry. And, even before officially getting into real estate and development himself, Nick was immersed in the day to day workings through his family’s business, well known for helping projects become successful during boom and bust markets and long before “project marketing” was as common as it is today.

With a keen analytical bent, challenge beating attitude and a passion for development and real estate like no other, Nick has built a team that holds the same values he does. Developer first, every time.  Our goal is to help our clients make money while building their brand and building great cities.