What Sets Us Apart

The Pacesetter Advantage

Our Ways

  • We think before we act or draw or create or assume.
  • We’re inclusive, transparent and accountable.
  • We buy in, our commitment to excellence is assured.

 Our Practices

  • We start with a discovery session to determine the projects brand DNA.
  • We support our finding and strategic approach with analytical research.
  • We “think inside the box” and we “brand from the inside, out”.

Our Pace

  • We determine and set your pace, and convey it through the Pacebook™.
  • We envision the last unit sold and work backward, developing each component in determining the Critical Pace™.
  • We provide weekly status updates, and ongoing analytics and matrix measurements.

Our Stewardship

  • We develop your brand to work. Hard!
  • We assume the role as your brand steward then drive your brand and the project brand in a symbiotic way.
  • We build brand equity creating additional value that is transportable to your next project.


Our Pillars have been supporting our ways and practices for over 25 years. They include:

  • Discovery – We use discovery in formulating your development’s unique DNA that becomes the foundation to establishing your USP’s.
  • Envisioning – We invite all stakeholders to participate in envisioning because we believe the developments brand is born from the inside, out. 
  • Status – Supports our commitment to the Pacebook™, Critical Pace™ and complete transparency between all stakeholders.
  • Measurement – Is our belief in goal setting, plan activation, and accountability to results.
  • Refinement – This business is not an exact science, it’s a social science, and we are social engineers.  Refinement is the acceptance of learning that ultimately furthers our ways and practices.

We brand your development from the inside out.


What is a brand?

  • A brand is a product or service that is recognizable and makes an immediate impression on somebody.
  • The best brands are developed from the inside out, building on the pride of the core culture.
  • A brand is a collection of impressions that reflect a consumer experience.
  • Brands are consumed, not designed.
  • Focused stewardship = brand success.

Why brand a development?

  • Instills pride in all stakeholders.
  • Creates a sense of community amongst buyers.
  • Establishes a distinct look and style for the project.
  • Reflects the unique character of the project.
  • Sets expectations with the buyer that the developer can deliver on the brand promise.
  • Builds brand equity for the developer.

25 Years and still learning

Perfection remains our number one internal motivator and the exciting part is…we hope never to achieve perfection!

Our passion is towards the practice of marketing and selling our clients’ projects. It’s how we learn and why we’re better each time out.

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