Team Pacesetter

Nick Askew – President /Owner

As President and owner of Pacesetter, Nick has provided strategy, stewardship, marketing and sales for a multitude of developers resulting in thousands of new homes for home buyers. As Pacesetter celebrates its 25th year specializing in strategic project marketing and consultation for land assembly, to Architects Packages, to producing our Pacebook™ and Critical Pace™ marketing plans, Nick oversees all aspects of his practice.

Nick’s distinctive and unparalleled real estate development methodology and practices like the PS Pacebook™ and Critical Pace ™ marketing and sales plan, has set the company apart from others. Nick provides a level of clarity that mitigates risks and offers confidence for our clients, as well as other industry consultants, as he leads the assembled team throughout every stage of our client’s project.

“I take personal pride and ownership of every project I work on, and I am especially proud of the relationships we have formed over the years with our clients.” “In our business, personal relationships are ultimately what matters most and will drive the best results,” says Nick.

Nick’s internal leadership and industry knowledge has shaped the Pacesetter team. “I hire good people to do the job and then trust them to do the job,” he says. “Pacesetter is only successful because of the great team in front of me. I prefer to lead from behind, allowing our team to excel in all areas of service we offer, but when it comes to accountability to the client, it’s all on me and that’s how I like it.”

Nick has resided on the North Shore all his life, and as the communities around him expanded, Nick’s perspective, intuition and knowledge have grown proportionately.

Larry Donen – Managing Director / Licensed Realtor

Larry Donen joined Pacesetter in August 2016, as Managing Director, assuming the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. Larry is one of British Columbia’s foremost brand and marketing experts; his 35 years of experience in multiple business sectors are matched only by his passion for all aspects in the real estate development industry.

Since moving to Vancouver in 1990, Larry has created, developed and marketed some of BC’s best known brands, including the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Grizzlies, White Spot Restaurants, Tourism Vancouver, and O’Neill Hotels & Resorts. As President of the strategic branding agency Traction Creative Communications, he spent years stewarding his team of creative and brand communications strategist for some of Greater Vancouver’s most successful real estate developers.

“In all the sectors I’ve practiced in, the most exciting and challenging has been the real estate sector,” says Larry. “I’m thrilled to be working with Nick and our team at Pacesetter, bringing new brands to life.”

Larry’s brand methodology is simple: build a brand around honesty, trust, and reliability. Make sure it’s genuine, has a distinctive competitive advantage, and then brand everything from the inside out.

Larry is a graduate from the University of Manitoba with a degree in business economics, and a licensed Realtor with Pacesetter. Larry, along with his wife Nancy, enjoys entertaining friends and family, cooking, gardening, walking Rascal, spending time with their kids, Leah, Graham and Sophy, and traveling the world.

Nina Parente – Marketing Manager / Licensed Realtor

 Nina, a communications and brand marketing expert, joined Pacesetter as Marketing Manager in January 2016.  She developed her diverse set of skills over the past 28 years as the owner and founder of High Performance Communications Ltd, producing and marketing the highly acclaimed World Outlook Financial Conference and the successful, Michael Campbell’s nationally syndicated radio show, website and Money Talks event series.

 A true marketing expert and project manager, Nina began working on our Seylynn Village development, the Park West development and Breeze, a Target Homes project in Squamish, BC. Nina’s passion lies in project management; she sees and understands the big picture and is extremely effective at managing client expectations.

 Nina oversees all level of support for Pacesetter’s sales team on all her projects. Her level of professionalism and accountability sets the bar for the rest of us at Pacesetter.

 Born and raised on the North Shore, Nina is a graduate of the Urban Land Economics program at UBC, as well as from Marketing Management from BCIT, specializing in real estate. Nina is a licensed Realtor with Pacesetter Realty. When not at work, you will find her logging long miles in the local trails with her dogs, mountain biking, or spending time at Whistler with her family.

Matt Berkowitz – Senior Market Analyst

Matt Berkowitz joined Pacesetter in July 2010 as the Market Analyst, responsible primarily for studying the real estate market. Matt graduated from the Sauder School of Business at UBC with a specialization in real estate and has since supplemented this degree with statistics training. “Applying my analytical mindset to real estate development is both challenging and rewarding,” says Matt. 

“Pacesetter has provided me with the opportunity to utilize my education in a practical and applied sense. And that’s rewarding in itself.” Matt conducts in-depth market analyses for developers to provide highest and best use recommendations, thus providing the needed empirical support for the sales and marketing efforts that Pacesetter has consistently provided since its inception.

Matt’s contribution and insight to Pacesetter and our client is invaluable.

Laurence Putnam Associate Broker / Sales Agent

Laurence joined Pacesetter in April 2015. A second generation Realtor, Laurence began his real estate career in 2005 and has sold over 400 homes in both the re-sale market and across five projects since then. “I truly enjoy the challenge of exceeding my client’s expectations, everyday,” says Laurence.

In 2013, Laurence co-founded a real estate tech start-up, completing two rounds of equity raise. In this role, Laurence met with many of the top figures in U.S. real estate, including the CEOs of RE/Max, Zillow, and the Corcoran Group. During this time, he also co-hosted a segment featuring iconic New York buildings on NY1 News. 

Laurence has lived in North Vancouver for 27 years where, amongst other community involvement, he volunteers his real estate knowledge by serving as chair of the Board of Variance for the City of North Vancouver. “Living and working on the North Shore is really the best of both worlds. Pacesetter provides me with so much diversity within its scope of services, that I couldn’t imagine a better fit.”

We feel the same way about Laurence.

Michelle Lanthier – Sales Manager / Sales Agent

Born and raised on the beautiful North Shore, Michelle has been witness to the transformational changes that have shaped Vancouver into the highly sought-after city that it has become. Growing up in a household with two business savvy, successful parents—a real estate developer father and an investment manager mother—meant the dinner table conversation was rife with talk about the business world. This ignited her passion for the real estate industry from a very early age. “Real estate is my passion,” says Michelle

After graduating from SFU with an Arts degree, she attended BCIT and obtained two diplomas in business and sales management. Her real estate license followed, and she joined the industry in 2009 as a Sales Assistant at Polygon Homes. In 2010, she took on a senior sales position at Anthem Properties Group.

“I’m always looking for a challenge, and, have now joined Pacesetter as a licensed Realtor and real estate advisor, serving Vancouver, North Shore and the Sea to Sky communities. With over two hundred sales transactions under her belt involving $100 million worth of real estate, Michelle has an intimate knowledge of the market and its nuances.

“I take pride in my ability to communicate openly and with honesty. My dedication and work ethic makes me perfectly suited to help you find your dream home, or to negotiate the best possible price and quickest closing for your home sale.”

Nothing gives Michelle more pleasure than a well-served, happy client, and that’s one reason why Pacesetter Realty is thrilled to have Michelle as part of our team.

Eamon Cunningham – Controller, CGA, Licensed Realtor – Strata

Eamon joined Pacesetter as the company controller July 2016. Eamon has a diverse background of experience in a variety of sectors that include; retail; transportation; technology; and strata management.  Eamon has been practicing since 1970 when he received his CGA designation.  He received his Bachelor of Computer Sciences from the University of Washington.  “we are fortunate to have Eamon at Pacesetter”, says Nick Askew, “his background in so many sectors bring best practices to us, that simplify us and make us a more efficient company”.  Eamon is the backbone of the organization dealing with all administrative, accounting, legal, and real estate issues, daily.  His insight and understanding of business is also a key strategic advantage for us and our clients, because Eamon knows how things work best, in business.

Although Eamon has worked all over Canada, and parts of the States, he prefers living in Vancouver with his wife, who he shares a passion of travel. Eamon has two daughters and two grandchildren.

Gina Askew – Office Manager

Born and raised in Vancouver, Gina graduated from BCIT Marketing and although she formally joined Pacesetter 5 years ago, she has been Nick’s partner for 21 years. Gina knows Pacesetter and since her official arrival, the back end of the business has never worked better.

Clients appreciate her work ethic and skills in controlling the flow of critical information. If Gina is on it, it simply gets done.

As one of seven siblings and a mother of two (three if you count Nick), Gina understands the importance of organization, budgeting, and general management of the home office. “I enjoy coming to work and participating in the energy that is always around us at Pacesetter,” says Gina. “I enjoy the amazing people that I work with daily in the office.”

Gina knows something about team play, as she spent the last 14 years as a member of her hockey team. At Pacesetter, Gina most definitively wears the C on our team. Organized, helpful, smart and kind, characterize Gina and we are lucky to have her.

When indoors and not at Pacesetter, Gina likes good food, good music with friends and family, and she loves activities like; hiking, swimming, skiing, traveling, biking and long walks with her dog, Chilli.

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