Leadership Team

Nick Askew – President / Owner

As President and owner of Pacesetter, Nick has provided strategy, stewardship, marketing and sales for a multitude of developers resulting in thousands of new homes for home buyers. As Pacesetter celebrates its 25th year specializing in strategic project marketing and consultation for land assembly, to Architects Packages, to producing our Pacebook™ and Critical Pace™ marketing plans, Nick oversees all aspects of his practice.

Nick’s distinctive and unparalleled real estate development methodology and practices like the PS Pacebook™ and Critical Pace ™ marketing and sales plan, has set the company apart from others. Nick provides a level of clarity that mitigates risks and offers confidence for our clients, as well as other industry consultants, as he leads the assembled team throughout every stage of our client’s project.

“I take personal pride and ownership of every project I work on, and I am especially proud of the relationships we have formed over the years with our clients.” “In our business, personal relationships are ultimately what matters most and will drive the best results.”

Nick’s internal leadership and industry knowledge has shaped the Pacesetter team. “I hire good people to do the job and then trust them to do the job,” he says. “Pacesetter is only successful because of the great team in front of me. I prefer to lead from behind, allowing our team to excel in all areas of service we offer, but when it comes to accountability to the client, it’s all on me and that’s how I like it.”

Nick has resided on the North Shore all his life, and as the communities around him expanded, Nick’s perspective, intuition and knowledge have grown proportionately.

Lisa McDonald – Director of Sales and Marketing / Realtor

As Director of Sales and Marketing for Pacesetter, Lisa comes with nearly two decades of experience working closely with developers on product design, project strategy and leading sales teams of major developments for well-known developers in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Building developer brands,  communicating the uniqueness of each new development and executing successful sales and marketing plans are key strengths she brings to the table, particularly in the luxury market.
Product knowledge, and the sharing of it clearly and concisely, are foundations to Lisa’s methodology as she approaches opportunities and challenges in real estate. She is well connected to key players and respected in the industry for her training ability, out of the box solutions and ceaseless efforts to find each and every sale. Some of her past clients include Cressey Developments, Bentall Kennedy, Aspen Ridge Homes, Malibu Investments, Bognar Developments, Edilcan, Aragon, Grosvenor North America, MLA Realty, and Baker Real Estate, among others.

Born and raised in Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario, Lisa and her family spent 15 years in Toronto before being drawn to the lifestyle and beauty that Vancouver has to offer in 2009. In her spare time, she is a speaker, woodworker, want to be artist, writer and volunteer. She and her family love to camp, hike, cycle and kayak in and around the region.

Betty Dee
 – Marketing Manager / Licensed Realtor

Betty is passionate connecting with people – in person, in branding, on social media. With extensive experience in project marketing, sales and administration, she is truly a triple threat.

Her superpower is storytelling and she does so in such engaging ways that you can’t help but be drawn in. She uses this skill to tell the unique story of each new project and its developer, creating stand out branding and marketing tools throughout the project life cycle. In the past, her unique skills led her to become a top agent for some of Vancouver’s best developers. It is through her storytelling lens, using her keen sense of aesthetics and imagery, that she helps our projects outshine the competition.

Born and raised in Vancouver, when not working, Betty’s passion is making an amazing Asian hot sauce that has been sent to all corners of the world for people who just can’t live without it. She loves to hang out with other foodies and tend to her small garden.

Eamon Cunningham – Controller, CGA, Strata

Eamon joined Pacesetter as the company controller July 2016. Eamon has a diverse background of experience in a variety of sectors that include; retail; tra
nsportation; technology; and strata management.  Eamon has been practicing since 1970 when he received his CGA designation.  He received his Bachelor of Computer Sciences from the University of Washington.  “we are fortunate to have Eamon at Pacesetter”, says Nick Askew, “his background in so many sectors bring best practices to us, that simplify us and make us a more efficient company”.  Eamon is the backbone of the organization dealing with all administrative, accounting, legal, and real estate issues, daily.  His insight and understanding of business is also a key strategic advantage for us and our clients, because Eamon knows how things work best, in business.

Although Eamon has worked all over Canada, and parts of the States, he prefers living in Vancouver with his wife, who he shares a passion of travel.
Eamon has two daughters and two grandchildren.


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