The Pacesetter marketing plan and sales strategy is an in-depth marketing initiative designed specifically for each unique project. PS Sales professionals practice our proven 5 step process to seamlessly manage all aspects of preparation and execution that create prospects from leads and turn prospects to buyers.

Sales Funnel

Through a successful registration and lead generation activation tools like site signage, print and digital ads, PS Sales Team works each prospect to maximize the opportunity of turning prospects to buyers, by doing the following:

  • Datamining script
  • Matrix of interest
  • Follow up tools
  • Sales and goals objectives
  • Key messaging to buyer
  • Email blast templates
  • Daily and weekly Reporting

PS Sales Team

Your PS Sales Team is specifically selected based on the unique demographics of your buyer market.  The team will be introduced to the project through a five-step process that includes:

PS Sales – Training to Execution

Through a tried and tested PS Sales process, the following five steps will provide what’s necessary to selling out the project.

Step 1: Selection, Training and Development of PS Sales Team. Every project is different; hence, we begin every project by compiling the most relevant data and most pointed creative messaging. Besides critical product knowledge, the training includes a full briefing on everything your development will be, and to ensure the team has a complete understanding of the product they’ll be representing. By the end of the training and prior to registration, our team is fully equipped with all the inside knowledge of the project. Besides product knowledge areas, we train and develop in other areas, including: prospecting skills, i.e. connect rate, information gathering skills, phone skills including call effectiveness, and overall work ethics. We set up measurement metrics like: opportunity conversion rate and average daily activity, and how to maximize both. Our team prides itself on knowing the five metrics that matter: prospecting time, lead sources, appointment results, cost per lead, and closing the sale. Our proven methods are intensive and they work extremely well.

Step 2: Registration and Lead Generation. To achieve maximum sales absorption speed and maximum sales revenue, it is crucial to generate heightened momentum in the marketplace. The following phases are critical components of the marketing strategy: engagement campaign step which involves casual but purposeful discussions with associates, friends, bankers, suppliers, key city Realtors, and best prospects to push for registration.

Step 3: Selling the Brand Vision Phase. The purpose of this step is to commence the creation of a strong community involvement, get key stakeholders and community influencers (connectors) behind the project, and to aggressively generate a solid list of interested prospects.

Step 4: Sales & Brand Marketing Campaign. During this step of the sales and brand marketing campaign the core sales team members can reach out to all the qualified prospects that were identified during the lead generation campaign and commence actual sales activities. During this stage the sales team commences the “qualification program”, whereby prospects give a level of commitment to be qualified to receive the next layers of marketing and product information.

Step 5: Sales Execution. All sales and marketing efforts drive towards a sales event where the qualified prospect is invited to review the buying opportunity and make a purchase decision. Each qualified prospect is motivated to make a buying decision through price premiums and/or early suite selection opportunities that are not available to the public. The sales team will follow their customer centric sales manual to ensure all benefits of the project are mentioned to the prospect in a professional and comprehensive manner. All prospect objections will be well rehearsed and addressed through tailored responses.

PS Sales – Matrix of Interest™

During this time, the sales team reaches out to all the prospects on the database to commence pre-sale activity. The sales team is devoted to establishing relationships by utilizing the Pacesetter “matrix of interest”. It strategically facilitates the “roll over” and conversion of leads into sales as demand dictates, without incurring high levels of rescissions. It also enables the flexibility to fine tune pricing and supply released by assessing interest levels of the registrants through direct contact. From these discussions, we will ascertain from the prospect: the reason for purchase (i.e. retirement, first home, short or long term investment, or primary home), how much they wish to spend, what type of floor plan they are most interested in, when they’re thinking about buying as well as their mortgage qualification and other qualification steps. Upon completion of the qualification process, all units shall have a weighted average applied based on interest levels. The weighted average will then determine new price ranges for all unit types prior to the initial launch of the project. 


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