PS Land Assembly

Pacesetter successfully launched its land assembly division 3 years ago, utilizing market knowledge and expertise specific to Vancouver’s North Shore.  PS Land Assembly helps sellers and developers realize their land acquisition goals. Our in-house experts gather the relevant information and makes recommendations to land assembly clients on all applicable issues.

We have learned that there is much more to land assembly than simply purchasing a group of properties. Land assembly services include:

  • Sellers property valuation
  • Development cost analysis
  • Feasibility studies and analytics for best use by developers
  • Acquisition planning, rezoning strategy and land assembly itself

PS Land Assembly services have been used on a wide range of properties, including residential and mixed use developments. With each opportunity, we work closely with the developer and the municipality, ensuring issues such as rezoning, transportation, demographics, and community standpoints are considered. When we approach the home sellers, our plan is fully vetted out by all critical stakeholders.

Our history on the North Shore is well proven and our team’s consultative skills and negotiating practices provide for excellent results in new developments.

As land assembly forecasters, we are proactive and strive to stay ahead of the market, anticipating where the next high growth areas will be located, and then researching and analyzing the optimum land assembly locations and strategies.

We work extremely well with all the stakeholders because we are well practiced in every area.  Working with developers, Realtors, owners and municipalities is our strength. We make good deals great by being proactive, strategic, patient and creating critical pace objectives.

We can leverage our considerable experience with many developers and our own real estate market knowledge to assist clients in achieving their development goals.

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