About Us

Pacesetter has been marketing and selling real estate for over 25 years, providing service to Vancouver’s leading developers.

We get this business—from every angle. Our approach to marketing comes from a strategic analytic approach. First, we determine a project’s highest and best use with the development of our Strategic Pacebook™. We study market trends in the given area, analyze demographics, understand the political landscape, and account for infrastructural projects. Then, we analyze the local competitive market and psychographically assess the specific target markets through surveys. This enables us to accurately recommend product types, product mix, specifications and pricing. From this, we create vivid, engaging marketing campaigns that speak to the target market within a specific trade area.

At Pacesetter, we identify real opportunities, then work strategically to maximize value and quality — for both the developer and the home buyer. We work with our clients to help build homes that will ultimately fulfill the dream of home ownership for more people.

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