PS Pacebook - The Pacesetter Strategic Pacebook™ is a guide for developers and land owners that provides analysis of various factors affecting our residential development market.


PS Creative Design - At PS Creative Design, we maximize our client’s investment in design, copywriting, and photography by practicing “economies of creative”. All our communications, marketing, advertising and digital messaging are derived from the project’s brand and story.


PS Marketing - PS Marketing focus is to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, budget and activation strategy that we account for in our critical pace process. We define the product, determine the value, establish the development’s identity and USP’s, and build promotions that result in a sold-out project.


Pacesetter Realty - Pacesetter Realty has been marketing and selling homes on Vancouver’s North Shore for over 25 Years. We are a full service real estate brokerage that specializes in re-sale condominiums, townhomes, and multi-use residential and commercial developments.


PS Wire - KEEPING YOU IN THE KNOW - Things within the real estate industry can change rapidly – And we want you to know when they do. Emerging communities, market trends, sales volumes to name a few. Stay in touch with the industry’s latest with our monthly PS Wire.

Pacesetter prides itself on intense market study to ensure the product offering shall be market ready to effectively target the relevant buyer profiles and psychographic needs of the market place. Pacesetter is a company that concentrates its efforts within a specific trade area so our clients can fully understand the quickly changing dynamics of a community. Pacesetter has devoted 25 years to the Lower Mainland, North Shore and Sea to Sky market. We live where our clients’ projects are developed, so we offer a fundamental understanding necessary to successfully market and sell in tight competitive markets.


PS Land Assembly

Pacesetter successfully launched its land assembly division 3 years ago, utilizing it’s market knowledge and expertise specific to Vancouver’s North Shore. PS Land Assembly helps sellers and developers realize their land acquisition goals. Our in-house experts gather the relevant information and makes recommendations to land assembly clients on all applicable issues.

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